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Throwback Video of the Week!

There should be a statue of Paul Simon somewhere in New York City. Maybe one in Los Angeles, too. And another at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Simon’s songwriting credits and musical performances, from Simon & Garfunkel through his solo years, are worth dozens of statues.

No conversation about Paul Simon’s cultural impact would be complete without mention of his 1986 album Graceland. It’s a true masterpiece. Awarding Paul Simon the Album of the Year Grammy must have been the easiest decision ever made by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

One of the many enduring tracks from Graceland is the bouncy mid-life lament “You Can Call Me Al.” The title and lyrics were inspired by a party where French composer Pierre Boulez mistakenly addressed Paul as ‘Al.’ The song also includes the greatest four-second bass solo of all time.

As for the video, it feels like watching an old episode of Saturday Night Live, which is where Paul Simon and his lip-syncing co-star, Chevy Chase, met in 1975. Keeping both men in frame must have been a challenge for the director. Chevy is more than a foot taller than Paul.

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