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Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Dating as you get older can be rough. I’ve experienced it first hand! Using dating apps are a pain, you get nervous when meeting someone new, you never know what to wear……it can make ya a bit anxious. That may be one of the reasons this story caught my eye. 

Jeff Saville, a 56 year-old single dad of four daughters from Texas, wasn’t sure what to wear on a date. He reached out to his 19 year-old daughter Carli for some advice. That exchange has gone viral.

Apparently Saville was unsure about which shirt to wear on a date, so he and Carli went back and forth, with Jeff sending his daughter pictures of different shirts. The back and forth exchange between dad and daughter was so sweet, and now it’s gone viral.

Unfortunately, Saville’s date didn’t show up…..ghosted him! But Carli’s post about her dad has now blown up, so I have no doubt that he’ll have lots of dates very soon!

See the daddy/daughter exchange below, and read more on the story here.  Much luck to dad!