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I don’t have any tattoos. Probably never will. Mel has multiple tattoos. She has put a lot of thought into the meaning of each one. They work for her.

That’s the thing about tattoos. I don’t think they look good on everyone. They seem to look better on people with certain physical attributes and people with the right attitude for tattoos. (Is tattitude a word?) In either case, I’m not that guy.

Despite my reservations about getting a tattoo, I like to hear the stories behind other people’s ink. There’s often an interesting and impressive reason for the artwork. I’m less impressed with people who just got something random stamped on themselves after a night of shots at the bar. But if you told me that you got a tattoo for free food, I would ask you to tell me more.

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How much do you love burgers? So much so that you’d get one tattooed on your body? Then Café 51 in Melbourne, Australia restaurant has a deal for you. They’re offering free burgers every day for life to customers who are willing to get a full-sized tattoo of one from their menu. Customers must pay for the tattoo themselves and it has to be actual size.

Café 51 started a registration page that has received over 3,000 applicants. Six people have already taken them up on the offer and are now sporting life-sized burger tattoos. This could end up costing the restaurant a lot of money.

One question: What happens if Café 51 goes out of business? I hope those people really like burgers. And tattoos.

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