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BuzzFeed compiled a list of iconic desserts from each state, as submitted by their users. This was just an argument waiting to happen.

While there were some predictable answers, I was surprised to see one dessert missing. I thought it would have been named as the most famous dessert in North Carolina and South Carolina. It’s probably served at every barbecue joint in both states, as well as every other state across the southern part of the country. See if you can figure out what’s missing before you get to the bottom of the list:

1. Alabama: Fried peach pies (We’re off to a good start.)
2. Alaska: Ice cream (Because it’s not cold enough there?)
3. Arizona: Eegees (Sort of an Italian ice slushy.)
4. Arkansas: Possum pie (Don’t worry, it’s meatless.)
5. California: Boysenberry pie (Nice.)
6. Colorado: Peach pie (Not pot brownies?)
7. Connecticut: Carvel ice cream (Fudgie the Whale!)
8. Delaware: Strawberry pretzel salad (Huh?)
9. Florida: Key lime pie (Duh.)
10. Georgia: Peach cobbler (Double duh.)
11. Hawaii: Haupia (Coconut goodness.)
12. Idaho: Potato ice cream (No potatoes were harmed…)
13. Illinois: Frozen custard (Midwestern soft serve.)
14. Indiana: Hoosier pie (No Hoosiers were harmed…)
15. Iowa: Scotcharoos (Rice Krispies treats on steroids.)
16. Kansas: Peppernuts (Also known as Pfeffernüsse.)
17. Kentucky: Derby pie (Win, place, and show!)
18. Louisiana: Beignets (I guarontee…)
19. Maine: Whoopie pies (It’s a New England thing.)
20. Maryland: Smith Island cake (A lot of layers.)
21. Massachusetts: Boston cream pie (Wicked good!)
22. Michigan: Bumpy cake (Love the name. That’s exactly what it looks like.)
23. Minnesota: Lemon bars (Oh yah, you betcha.)
24. Mississippi: Mud pie (Diet buster!)
25. Missouri: Gooey butter cake (Ooey and gooey.)
26. Montana: Huckleberry pie (With or without ice cream?)
27. Nebraska: Tin roof sundae (Topped with skin-on Spanish peanuts.)
28. Nevada: Basque cake (Mmmm…custardy.)
29. New Hampshire: Apple cider donuts (Perfect in fall.)
30. New Jersey: Cannolis (Fuhgeddaboudit!)
31. New Mexico: Sopapillas (It’s like a fried pillow of love.)
32. New York: Cheesecake (What else would it be?)
33. North Carolina: Sweet potato pie (Not what I expected.)
34. North Dakota: Caramel rolls (Cavities in the making.)
35. Ohio: Buckeyes (Can’t go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter.)
36. Oklahoma: Fried pies (You had me at ‘fried.’)
37. Oregon: Marionberry pie (Not to be confused with the former DC mayor.)
38. Pennsylvania: Shoofly pie (Without question.)
39. Rhode Island: Zeppoles (Boppity boopy!)
40. South Carolina: Chess pie (Again, not what I expected.)
41. South Dakota: Kuchen (Gesundheit!)
42. Tennessee: Moon pies (Southern classic.)
43. Texas: Texas sheet cake (I would have guessed pecan pie or churros.)
44. Utah: Green Jell-O (They LOVE Jell-O in Utah.)
45. Vermont: Maple creemee (It comes from trees.)
46. Virginia: Pecan pie (Can I have seconds?)
47. Washington: Apple pie (All-American dessert.)
48. West Virginia: Molasses cookies (Chewy delights.)
49. Wisconsin: Custard (It’s what they serve at Culver’s?)
50. Wyoming: Huckleberry ice cream (Put it on top of Montana’s huckleberry pie.)

Did you figure it out? There’s no banana pudding anywhere on the list! I demand a recount, especially in the southern states.