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Melanie Conner/Getty Images

I recently visited a friend’s completely awesome cabin in the mountains. He built it himself with logs that he cut and milled on his own.

There’s not a single connection to the outside world. No cords, no pipes, no lines. The power was on, the plumbing worked, the radio was on, the TV works, and the refrigerator was cold as can be.

Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

With the solar panels that he’s installed, he can run practically anything. For a short time, anyway. The refrigerator is constant since it’s not electric, but the TV, washer, dryer, and some lights can’t be running or on all the time. It’s still awesome.

Could you live completely “off the grid” like this? Which appliances would you most want to able to run? The TV? Washing machine? Outlets to charge your devices? Or how about the coffeepot? Surprisingly, that last one takes a LOT of power!