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Spencer Platt/Getty Images

There’s been a lot of griping so far this summer about how HOT it is. It’s 97, but feels like 105, but the humidity is so high, but can anyone really explain the Heat Index? If it FEELS like 105, then isn’t it REALLY 105?

People from the Southwest may laugh at us and remind us that it’s 116 degrees in Phoenix. We’ll say that’s ridiculous, but they’ll say it’s a “dry heat”.

Ralph Freso/Getty Images

I heard a friend use this analogy: “Would you rather stick your head in the oven or in the dishwasher?” The oven is the “Dry Heat” and the dishwasher is our beloved Carolina summertime.

I love it here but sometimes I think I might pick the oven instead of the humid dishwasher. Which would you pick?