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It’s coming. I’ve already seen school buses practicing their routes. It’s almost time to start back-to-school shopping and stress levels are rising.

A new survey finds that 57% of parents with school-aged children (5-18), consider the back-to-school season the most stressful time of the year. It seems that parents worry far more than their kids.

What are so many parents stressed out about? Here’s the breakdown of the breakdowns:

  • If my child will have good teachers (50%)
  • Whether they’ll be eating healthy at school (44%)
  • Cost of buying new school supplies (42%)
  • My child’s safety at school (40%)
  • If my child will make friends at school (40%)
  • If my child is eating healthy after-school snacks (37%)
  • The quality of education my child is receiving (37%)
  • My child’s homework load (35%)
  • My child getting sick (34%)
  • If my child will do well academically (34%)

I don’t want to speak for other parents, but my experience has been that, as the kids get older, worries about school supplies and lunches are replaced by questions about college. It’s still stress…just different stress.

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