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Melany Myers

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Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

A dish design has been all over social media the last week due to the message that’s written on it. Comedian Alie Ward recently feature pictures of the plates on her Twitter account, trying to get them banned from Macy’s. 

The design on the plates features three concentric circles; the smallest is labeled “skinny jeans”; the middle, “favorite jeans”; and the largest, “mom jeans.”  You can see the plates below.

Many women were outraged at the plates, as they felt they were “body shamming” people. They felt the plates discouraged women from eating. I totally get that. Girls and women have enough issues regarding weight and self esteem.  And I do think these plates say, “If you want to be skinny, eat only this much” and that’s not how it goes for every person and every body shape. And the plates do seem to say that if you like “mom jeans” then you must eat lots.

BUT I also think we all get too offended these days. If you don’t like something, don’t buy it! I mean, I am FAR from small, and I’ll wear “skinny jeans” I just get em in a bigger size!

Macy’s has pulled all the plates due to complaints from folks. Truth told, the plates could be designed differently and still be fun! At the end of the day, we all struggle enough to just eat a balanced diet and stay healthy.

Rock what YOU want on your plate AND wear the jeans you dig! That’s what I say. What do you think??