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Photo by Kellie Warren/Disney Parks via Getty Images

WOW! That’s what I said out loud when I read this woman’s Facebook post that’s now gone viral. Talk about BITTER! This woman makes me look like a sweetheart! 

An anonymous woman posted a profanity laced rant about her thoughts on Disney World back in September, and it’s recently gone viral after being shared on Twitter. Apparently, the angry woman doesn’t feel that “childless people” should be allowed at Disney World. In her post, she says her son began crying due to a long line for a Mickey Mouse pretzel.

In the expletive-laced Facebook post, the woman said that childless millennials have no place in Disney World and should be should be “banned” from the theme park. The diatribe was sparked by parenting difficulties the mother said she experienced at Disney World while caring for a “cranky” 3-year-old.

Now, I’m not a millennial, but I am a “childless” person. When I was 35 years old, I got sick with Graves Disease. Due to that, and some other issues, I was told I would be unable to have children. Tough to hear when you wanted to have kids. But, I’ve gotten over it. And yes, I’ve gone to Disney World NOT having kids.

Who is this woman? Did she hit her head? MAYBE she shouldn’t have brought a “cranky” 3 year-old to Disney. Maybe the experience would have gone smoother for her family if they would have waited until the child was a bit older. And did this woman not ever hear about Disney World before going? I mean, Disney World is ALWAYS CROWDED!

I’d love to meet this woman in person and have a few words with her about living in a society. She needs to get over herself. Truth told, she missed a great parenting opportunity with her Disney pretzel incident. This would have been a great time to explain to her child that you don’t always get what you want.

I hate to see this broad in a long line at the grocery store! I’m sure she looses her mind lots! You can read more AND see her rant that’s now had thousands of views on Twitter here. PLEASE BE ADVISED, her rant does contain serious profanity.

This woman can “GET BENT” in my opinion. THAT’s my nice way of saying a not so nice thing. 🙂