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Credit: Scott Halleran /Allsport

I grew up a tomboy in the 1970s. I was the girl that was always playing with boys, climbing trees, riding my bike, playing soccer, and being tough. I rarely wore dresses, and when I did, my mom says I’d still end up in a tree or in a fight with a little boy. LOL! I’ve just always been a bit of a rough and tumble kinda girl. And I’ve heard my fair share of discouraging comments. 

Recently 8-year old Ashlynn Jolicoeur was told girls shouldn’t play baseball and stick to softball, despite the fact that she’s an awesome baseball player. Ashlynn has been playing baseball since she was a toddler, and this year she was named MVP of her co-ed baseball team. But sadly, after she won the award, a parent of another kid said that she shouldn’t be playing baseball. The parent suggested that Ashlynn play softball since she was a girl.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Are you kidding me? WHO says that? Especially these days! Ashlynn didn’t become discouraged. Ashlynn decided to prove she could play and made it to a national team.

Her story is below, and I truly think it’s worthy of sharing. Not only for girls and women. Everyone should see this. NEVER give up and always believe in yourself. This young lady ROCKS!  Much luck to Ashlynn!