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Yankee Pete/WKQC

Just up I-77 past Statesville is a country store that takes more than a few turns to get to. The locals know it well, and if you’ve got a friend that’s ever visited, they’re going to say “what took you so long to discover it”?

The Amish country store and market called Shiloh General Store is located 5520 St Paul Church Road in Hamptonville. That’s probably a town you’ve never even heard of. This is where you’ll find aisle after aisle of wonderful food, treats, sandwiches, candy, dips and soups and jams…and so much more!

Yankee Pete/WKQC

My wife and I found ourselves there on a Saturday afternoon (they close at 4PM) but several of other locals in the store must have been able to tell that we were new. They told us to come back Saturday MORNING for the fresh donuts. Available Saturday morning only, 6 to a bag, and as soon as they set another bag on the counter, it’s gone. Get in line and have an appetite. Count on it, I’ll be back!

The Amish staff is quiet but very friendly and accommodating. We came home with a box full of: fresh homemade peanut butter, cherry butter, honey butter, pickled green beans, garlic stuffed olives, garlic AND jalapeno stuffed olives, Amish kettle microwave popcorn (yes, I get the irony), and vegetable chips.

Pro tip: Next time we’re going to bring a cooler so we can stock up on the cheese curds, pepperoni cheese, summer sausage, and the huge refrigerated selection.

Yankee Pete/WKQC’


Yankee Pete/WKQC

If you’re wondering, yes they do take debit/credit cards.

And yes, there are comfortable rocking chairs on the front porch!