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So I get a bill last week from the state wanting their 69 cents for a trip they say I took on their new I-77 X-press lane.

The ONLY problem is that I’ve never been on the I-77 X-press road! I work very hard to stay off any toll road. Here’s my issue with them. We pay a pretty high gasoline tax in this state and I was always led to believe that helps pay for roads. When our state started adding these “Toll” roads around the area, it seems to me they’re double-dipping and I have an issue in principle.

My only guess is that I strayed too close to the X-press lane and got my tag zapped and got my bill for .69. That’s right 69 cents.

What did it cost them to mail me the bill for 69 cents? I’m sure it’s a cheap rate compared to 42 cents forever stamp for the rest of us. I’ll pay it, of course, to avoid the hassle that “Not Paying” will cost me in headaches down the road. If you want to take the express lane and use Toll Roads, God Bless You! I’m just not in that big a hurry. If you don’t want to take the one on I-77….stay in the far right lane to avoid the appearance that you’re merging. Below is one’s guys take on Toll Roads across our great land!

Happy Motoring!