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First off, being in radio all my professional life means that I attend concerts for a living. It’s part of the job and therefore you might imagine that sometimes you end up going to some shows because it’s what you have to do, NOT what you want to do!

Such is the case with any job. I doubt a banker wants to balance a ledger for fun on the weekends? Am I right?

This year for my upcoming birthday, my son Adam announced that he had grabbed us a pair of tickets to “Brit Floyd, the international and ultimate “Pink Floyd” tribute band. I was intrigued because he had already seen them twice this year and raved about how good they were and he and I had recently been reviewing the Pink Floyd catalog together. Being in radio, I am somewhat responsible for exposing my kids to the music of my generation, so it’s not surprising that my son at 34 is a “classic rock” fan.

The show was our first at The White Oak Amphitheater @ The Greensboro Coliseum Complex. Very impressive and cozy outdoor venue and I would definitely go back. Brit Floyd does their show in 2 parts with a 20 minute intermission. They started at 8 p.m. with plenty of daylight, but the light show is so good, they should have waited until dark. I never got to see Pink Floyd growing up, but I don’t feel like I missed seeing them after seeing Brit Floyd. It was perhaps one of the top 5 shows I have ever seen based on overall musicianship, sound mix and that I got to see it with my son, who was trying to show a good time to dad to say thanks for all the shows I have taken him to over the years. He saw STYX at 8 and R.E.M. at 10 years old. From then on he was hooked on “live music”

Do yourself a favor and see this band if you ever get the chance. Photos below I took at the show and check out the Red Rocks Show from You tube below. Enjoy! FULL Show!