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When I saw this, my 13 year-old inner self became giddy! Just seeing the name Rick Springfield takes me back to the early 80’s. Well, Rick Springfield will be in Kannapolis this weekend! He’s playing the “Concert In The Park” at Village Park. 

In 1982 or 1983, I can’t remember which, I went to a Rick Sprinfield concert with my best friend Lisa. Her mom’s best friend “Tooter” took us. Yes that was her nickname. LOL! AND Lisa and I are STILL close friends. It’s a memory that has always stayed with me for a few reasons.

Reason number one: RICK SPRINGFIELD! He was one of my first music crushes! I loved his music, loved seeing him on MTV, and I loved watching him on “General Hospital” when he played Dr. Noah Drake. Crazy that I remember that, but I do!

Reason number two: My friend Lisa! We met at the beginning of 7th grade at Grier Jr. High School in Gastonia. Prior to beginning 7th grade, I lived in Charlotte, so I was a “new kid” when I started 7th grade. Lisa was THE prettiest girl in our grade, and she was one of the first people to befriend me. She was so sweet! Back then, believe or not, I was kind of shy. I love the face that we are still very close friends. It’s rare to have great friends for such a long time. I’m so very lucky!

Reason number three: Sugarcreek is also playing!  If you grew up in this area, you KNOW Sugarcreek. They’re from Charlotte, and they used to play at the “Magic Attic” in Myrtle Beach almost every summer in the 80’s. The “Magic Attic” was a teen club that was across the street from “The Pavillion”. We always had to go just to see Sugarcreek. Such a great band!

The pic below is of Lisa and I in 1983.  The pic at the top of the article is a pic from a few years ago. We’re still rockin!

If you wanna see Rick Springfield and Sugarcreek and relive some fun 80’s memories, all the details on the show can be found here or here.