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Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Almost all couples have a pre-wedding photo shoot. It’s usually done days or months before the wedding, and shows the bride and groom in various scenarios deeply in love, prepared to spend their lives together happily ever after. 

For a couple from Campo Grande, Brazil, their pre-wedding photoshoot will not only be remembered to them for the rest of their lives but it will also stay in the memory of thousands of people.

The couple decided to bring their 9 month-old pup Thor to their pre-wedding shoot, and this dog is now the KING of the internet! In less than a day, the pics with Thor had 60,000 shares and reached over 6 million people! Go Thor!

It’s obvious from the pictures that the couple not only loves each other, but loves Thor! This guy has some serious personality, as you can see below! This pic is the calmest one of Thor.  Check out the hilarious shoot here! It’s easy to see how this went viral so quickly.

Congrats to the happy couple….and to Thor! He’s now a rock star!