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Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

I have now found my true spirit animal! He’s cute, angry looking, and loves pizza. Score! 

Chester is a  Shiba Inu who is almost 13 years old. His owner, Kirby Kaufman, adopted Chester from a shelter when he was 10 years-old.  Kaufman says that Chester is grumpy and clingy, but loves affection. But only when he’s in the mood. Diva! I love it!

Kaufman’s friends continuously ask him why the dog looks so grumpy. He says he thinks it’s because the dog is “grumpy to his core”. Man, he sounds like me. LOL!

Even though Chester is a grumpster, he is adorable. You can follow him and his antics on Instagram.  I’ve also put some pics below.

No question………..Chester and I should totally be friends!