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Melany Myers

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Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

I hate to sound like my dad, but I just don’t get the whole Instagram “influencer” thing. How are people suddenly “experts” at things online? WHY should I believe someone just because they’re on the internet. I don’t get it. 

That said, there are LOTS of folks that follow theses “influencers” on Instagram and take their opinion/pictures as gospel. Here’s a reason not to always believe what ya see on the internet.

A young lady named Casey Sosnowski posted a pic on Instagram on August 3.  The pic is of Casey, in workout gear, holding a water bottle. The picture was taken to look like Casey was on a hike.

Casey’s sister, Carly Sosnowski, TOTALLY called out her sister! Carly posted a picture on HER Twitter account, with the caption, “My sister said she was going hiking…..this is our backyard.”

BUSTED! The pics have now gone viral, with over 250,000 likes on Twitter. Carly has commented on calling out her sister. She said, “”It just goes to show that not everyone’s life is as perfect as it seems on Instagram.” Boom!

SO many people get wrapped up comparing their life to the life of others on social media. I know of women my age that truly become despondent looking at the lives of others on social media, not realizing that most people only post the GOOD stuff that’s going on in their lives.

This story is not only funny, but shows us all that not everything you see is real. You can read more on the story here.