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Melany Myers

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Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

“Oh hell no” is exactly what I said when I read this story. I’ve never heard of something so crazy! 

A mom in England recently shared that her son had been invited to a go-kart birthday party, but that the birthday boy’s mom was asking each invited guest to pay $85 for their child to attend. Yeah. You read that right! I get that kid’s parties can be expensive, but this is nuts.

The mom writes that in addition to asking for Amazon gift cards for the birthday boy, the mom started demanding $25 in transportation costs, another $25 for the deposit and another $35 due on the day of the party. Plus, the birthday boy’s mom asked guests to pack a picnic lunch, and bring extra for the birthday boy.

Say WHAT?!  It seems like this mom just wanted others to entirely pay for her child’s party. I realize kid’s parties can be pricey, but if you can’t afford it, then you scale the party down some. Bringing a gift and chipping in is fine, but basically paying a cover charge for a kid’s party? And $85 at that? Oh nooooooooooooo.

It’s sad that this mom is just harming her own child. I mean, he could lose some friends! AND he’s not getting to have a fun birthday because of his mom’s actions.

Other parents agreed with the mom that shared the story that this is just outrageous. What do you think? Would you pay $85 to go to a kid’s birthday party? If I’m paying that much loot, KISS or some stellar band better be playing!  LOL!

More details on the story can be found here.  Let’s hope this kid’s mom learns her lesson and doesn’t do anything like this next year.