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Photo by Carlo Borlenghi/ISAF via Getty Images

Phil was a bit shocked this morning when I told him I’ve only eaten in a restaurant by myself once or twice. I’ll get food to go from places, but rarely do I dine at a restaurant solo. 

Prakash Mallya  who was dining solo at a hotel restaurant in India got quite the surprise recently. The hotel staff brought out a goldfish in a bowl and placed the bowl across from the man. They told the customer that the goldfish’s name was “Antonio” and that the fish would be his dining companion.

Mallya took a picture of his dinner date for the evening, posted the pic on his Twitter page, and  it’s now gone viral. It’s been liked over 13,000 times and retweeted over 2,000 times. Mallya said that the gesture was “so nice and thoughtful”

Let’s just hope Mallya didn’t order fish for dinner! See his Tweet below. Very cool!