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Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Last month I blogged about how much Ed Sheeran LOVES Heinz Ketchup and posted the Heinz commercial that he created. Heinz is now going a step above the “Edchup”. They’re giving Ed Sheeran fans the shot to win something very cool….a tattooed-covered ketchup bottle. 

Heinz is releasing a limited number of Tomato Ketchup Tattoo Edition bottles that come stored in a collector’s edition speaker box. They’re also personally signed by the singer himself. Most importantly, though, the bottles are covered in the same design as some of Ed’s actual tattoos. He actually has a ketchup bottle tattooed on himself. THAT is true love!

You can enter to win one of the bottles at here but you must enter before August 23. There were only 150 bottles produced, and 104 of them are up for grabs through this sweepstakes. Of the remaining 46 bottles, three will be auctioned off , with the proceeds going to to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices and Rise Against Hunger. Two charities chosen by Ed.

Check out the pic of the bottle below and see some other pics here. Very cool and a must for a Ed fan!