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Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Admittedly, I am not a big fan of rap music. AND I have no clue who Twista is. But, none of that matters in regard to this story, because no matter what genre of music you like, this is impressive!

Amber Galloway Gallego has people around the world in awe after a video clip of her doing sign language alongside rapper Twista at a recent concert went viral. According to “Time” magazine, Twista is the fastest rapper in the world. He can rap 280 per minute. WOW!

Because Twista is so fast, it’s beyond remarkable that Gallego not only keeps up while signing, but that she also gets into what she’s doing. She did such an amazing job that Twista recognized her amazing talents on his Twitter page.

I’ve watched Gallego in the video below three times already this morning. It’s just mesmerizing!  Not a shocker why this video has gone viral!