Throwback Video of the Week!

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Phil Collins has said it’s the song people most often sing to him when they see him on the street. And the title wasn’t even a word until Phil invented it.

“Sussudio” hit the airwaves as a single in January of 1985, one month before the album No Jacket Required was released. As the story goes, Collins just playing around with a drum machine, and the lyric “su-sussudio” just came out of his mouth. That verbal improvisation became the name of the girl at the center of the song.

Phil Collins often used humor in his music videos with Genesis and as a solo performer. This one is a perfect example. It opens with him and his band bombing in a corner pub. That is, until they launch into “Sussudio.” The people are soon on their feet, just as they’ll be when Phil Collins takes the stage at Spectrum Center on Sunday, September 29th.