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Melany Myers

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Yes, I realize it’s still crazy hot outside, but you don’t have to wait until there’s a chill in the air to bust out your Crock-Pot. With school starting Monday for lots of folks, you’re gonna need some tasty time saving recipes. 

Last week, my boyfriend and I used the Crock-Pot. He made chicken fajitas with peppers. It was tasty! He prepped the food before going to work, and when I came home around noon, I plugged the pot in and let the food cook on low for 6 hours. Easy clean up and it saved us time in the kitchen.

With kids going back to school, lots of parents need to save some time, and slow cookers are great for that. You can prep the food the night before or before work in the morning, then dinner is done when you get home!

I found 20 recipes that look awesome. There are chicken, beef, and pork recipes. Some of these, if not all, may work for your family. I am definitely gonna rock out a few of these soon!