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RIVER BEND, NC - SEPTEMBER 13: A truck drives through deep water after the Neuse River went over its banks and flooded the street during Hurricane Florence September 13, 2018 in River Bend, North Carolina. Some parts of New Bern could be flooded with a possible 9-foot storm surge as the Category 2 hurricane approaches the United States. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Sometimes the last thing we think about is where we parked our cars before hunkering down before hurricanes and storms. Finding a secure place to park your car 48 hours before the storm arrives is key.

Falling trees and flying debris always seem to be the culprit when living in any neighborhood, but especially residing in apartment complexes. If you have pets, think about boarding them with a business that has a basement or accustomed to sheltering pets during storms. It’s always smart to prepare a bag full of your daily medications.

Storms causing major destruction will shut down roads so trucks can deliver supplies you’ll need at your local pharmacy and since an emergency illness can happen anytime, be prepared with your own signature emergency kit. Your kit might include:

  • Benadryl for minor allergic reactions such as to pets, bee stings, or pet dander
  • Tylenol as a quick fever reducer, in addition to pain relief
  • Advil to reduce swelling
  • A variety of specific-use medications such as aloe vera, calamine lotion, laxatives, and antacids
  • A thermometer, preferably digital

If you had to make a list, what would be your top five?

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