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Jim Gaffigan has come a long way from cracking jokes about Hot Pockets in small nightclubs. He is one of comedy’s biggest stars, performing in large arenas, and starring in numerous stand-up specials. He’s also becoming a serious actor.

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Jim Gaffigan’s new movie, American Dreamer, is a dark thriller about a desperate man who takes a very dangerous risk. Gaffigan plays Cam, a down-on-his-luck ride share driver who finds himself chauffeuring a low-level drug dealer around town. In order to get himself out of a serious financial bind, Cam decides to kidnap the dealer’s child for ransom. Things get complicated after that.

It can be difficult for comedians to find success in other genres. Robin Williams was able to do it. After seeing his performances in the films Chuck and Chappaquiddick, I believe Jim Gaffigan is well on his way to doing the same. American Dreamer opens in select cities on Friday, September 13th.