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What was your favorite toy when you were a kid? I was a dyed-in-the-wool Big Wheel man. It was colorful and got me where I need to go. Plus, I had mastered the art of the cool spin-out. I was like a young Steve McQueen on that thing.

Mel loved her Weebles and was heartbroken when her mother decided it was time for them to go away. But Mel can buy some more. Weebles and Big Wheels are still being sold. So are a lot of other toys that were around decades ago.


These days there are so many high tech toys for kids to play with, but some classics never go out of style. According to a new poll nearly half of parents say their favorite childhood toy is still being sold today. Furthermore, 84% of those parents plan to buy that toy for their child.

Below are some of the toys that continue to capture the imaginations of kids:

Top Ten Toys That Stand The Test Of Time

  1. Play-Doh
  2. Mr. Potato Head
  3. Trolls
  4. My Little Pony
  5. Furby
  6. Puzzles
  7. Toy phone
  8. Bop It
  9. Building blocks
  10. Bicycle

Top Ten Toys Adults Loved As Kids

  1. Mr. Potato Head
  2. Trolls
  3. Play-Doh
  4. My Little Pony
  5. Toy phones
  6. Furby
  7. Puzzles
  8. Building blocks
  9. Yo-yo
  10. Bicycles

We’re surprised that LEGO, Barbie, Slinky, Hot Wheels, and Matchbox cars didn’t crack the top ten on either list. And what about board games like Candy Land and Chutes & Ladders?