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At first glance I may not look like an athlete but rest assured on the rec softball field, I am!

Every Monday night I play softball in Mooresville with a great group of people. Right now we sit at 2-2 if you’re wondering, and have high hopes of taking home the championship. Most likely of the losers bracket but we give our best.

Last Monday I was playing center field when I see my wife and daughters arrive to watch before heading home. My daughter starts running down the sidewalk. Side note: I’m obviously watching them instead of the game which led to a ball sailing over me. Totally worth it though. I see that she’s running toward her best friend Tommy. Both of them have arms extended running towards an embrace when suddenly they stop and just kind of have this awkward moment.

Yea, I didn’t see that coming either. What I thought I’d see was more like the two toddlers who run to embrace in NYC. Luckily, one of the fathers had his phone on him and captured the moment.