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We like to share stories about law-breaking lunkheads for a couple of reasons. For one thing, they’re pretty funny, as long as no one gets hurt as a result of the malfeasance. And, second, we like to think of those stories as cautionary tales that could help prevent future crimes. We’re just doing our part for a better America.

Since ignorance of the law usually doesn’t fly in court, it might be a good idea to read up on some lesser-known laws that are on the books in various states. It’s doubtful that these would ever be an issue in your life, but you never know. You might be in Little Rock someday and forget that you’re not allowed to honk your horn near a sandwich shop after 9:00 PM in Arkansas. Yep. That’s a law. Here are some other odd ones:

  • In Delaware, it’s illegal to whisper in church. (What about singing?)
  • In Georgia, it’s forbidden to eat fried chicken with a knife and fork. (Hands only.)
  • In Kansas, tire screeching is illegal. (Brake sooner.)
  • In Louisiana, it’s illegal to take someone else’s crawfish. (And don’t touch my beignets!)
  • In Maryland, you can’t swear in public. (It’s a $100 fine in Rockville.)
  • In Montana, you can’t have a pet rat. (A neighbor must have complained.)
  • In New Hampshire, you can’t pick up seaweed off the beach. (Why would you want to?)
  • In North Carolina, drunk bingo is banned. (But it’s not as much fun when you’re sober.)
  • In Wisconsin, cheese has to be delicious, or at least “highly pleasing.” (Huh?)

That last one is too subjective to be a law. One person’s Limburger is another’s person’s nightmare. What’s the strangest law you’ve ever come across?

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