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Photo by Tim Boyle/Newsmakers

When I saw the picture of this groundhog I had to stop. I immediately thought it was the groundhog from “Caddyshack”. Nope. Chunk the Groundhog is a celebrity, and he’s my new favorite spirit animal! 

Chunk the Groundhog is an up and coming internet star, and veggie thief. A person noticed their veggies from their garden were disappearing, so a camera was set up. That’s when Chunk was discovered.

Chunk isn’t a normal thief though. He doesn’t steal veggies and run. He steals veggies and eats them AT the scene of the crime. He has no shame, which is one of the reasons I love him. The bandit has been caught stealing red tomatoes, green tomatoes, cucumbers and other garden delights. And he’s not ashamed….at all!

Chunk is not only getting his fill of food, he now has his own YouTube channel documenting his crimes. Below is one of my favorites. Make sure you have the sound on…..the crunching will crack ya up!