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It may seem impersonal, but texting has become one of our most frequently used methods of communicating. This is increasingly true for families with kids still living at home. As the father of two teenagers who rarely answer the phone and never use email, I’m walking, talking, texting proof of this.

According to a study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of family networking app Life360, American families exchange an average of 10,384 texts a year. That may seem like a lot but many of those messages convey important information. Parents will text their child “Where are you?” an average of 989 times, “When will you be home?” an average of 1,018 times, and “I love you” an average of 1,186 times a year.

Of course, plenty of text messages between parents and kids can be rather mundane. These are the top activities families discuss in texts:

  • Making dinner plans (53%)
  • Coordinating pick-up and drop-off for school and extracurricular activities (46%)
  • Asking about location (46%)
  • Checking in on everyone (43%)
  • Coordinating errands (43%)