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Melany Myers

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Raise your hand if you have some clothing items in your closet that you can’t wear or that you don’t wear. Yep! My hand is up! There are many women that have clothes in their closet that they no longer wear. Now is a good time to get rid of em! 

In closets around the country, there are a pair of jeans that don’t fit anymore. We “save” them because we want to lose weight so that we can fit into them again. Or we keep shirts that are too tight, hoping that one day we can wear them without having to stretch the cotton out before putting the shirt on. Sound familiar? Yeah….for me too.

Fall is a great time to purge those items that are no longer useful! Motivation is a great thing, but starring at a pair of jeans three sizes too small isn’t great for your mental health. Goals are great, but I’ve found that looking at clothes that I wore five years ago isn’t the healthiest thing. I’m trying to learn not to live in the past. Moving forward is the way to go.

Don’t think of what was, think of what will be! If losing weight is a goal, reward yourself with some new clothes once you lose weight. Same if you’re trying to gain weight, although I’ve never had THAT issue.

I’m really hard on myself, and I beat myself up lots. I always have. I definitely have a Type A personality. Unfortunately, when I give myself a hard time, I stress eat. Ugh! I tend to over-eat when my anxiety kicks in, and I’m trying to be more aware of it.

When you look in your closet, look for the things that need to go. There’s always something that someone else might be able to use. Donating to Goodwill or to your church will put those unworn clothes to good use.  And cleaning out your closet will be good for your brain! You’ll feel better and it may even give you a reason to shop for some new fall clothes.

If you aren’t sure where to start, this will help you out.  Now, I gotta take my own advice and start cleaning this weekend!