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Have you noticed that “streaming” IS the new way to watch your favorite programming. Almost 2 years ago I called my satellite provider to cancel due to the high cost. While they had me on the phone, they reminded me that I didn’t have to leave them as a customer, I could just switch to their “streaming” version. So I did, and my bill dropped from almost $200 monthly to around $40 per month. I lost some channels I never watched and overall am very happy with the service. (any unhappiness has to do with the troublesome internet issues we all have from time to time)

Times are changing! Netflix is being challenged on all fronts by new competitors, each trying to corner their particular market.

Since Disney owns Marvel’s Universe, when Disney decided to start their own streaming service, Disney + (launching November 12th) they immediately pulled rights to much of their owned material depleting them from Netflix’s inventory. Netflix also dropped voluntarily some other Disney programming as they knew that would soon go as well. We already had Hulu, Amazon Prime, Youtube TV and now Apple TV + is about to hit. This back story is only mentioned to bring home the fact that with ALL these streaming services, Quality becomes hugely important and I can already see an impact on many of the streaming services. There is some GREAT original programming like the one I’m about to review for you from Netflix.

“The I-land” is excellent original programming. It starts with an eerie sense that “Lost” has returned to television but the twists and turns are a mile a minute. I have to be careful as not to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it.

10 strangers lie equidistant on a tropical beach…..no footprints, so they did not walk to where they are and they weren’t carried. They are 39 steps apart. They don’t know their names or have any memories of their past. They are all dressed alike.  They later find that their names are on the labels of their clothing. Are you hooked yet? I was, instantly and this 8 episode mystery is quite the thrill ride and only proves to me that the streaming wars will come down to content. Price is important too, but we will ALL pay for great programming. I’m also happy with original content from Hulu and Amazon Prime as well. By the way, since Disney also owns Hulu, look for packaging to get Disney + and Hulu together or possibly even a merger when Disney + and Hulu become one in the same. Apple TV + (no advertised available date) is running promos boasting some pretty GREAT original content as well. I don’t see an end in sight. Happy viewing