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Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Over the weekend something happened to me that’s never happened before. The event restored my faith in humanity, so I thought I’d share. 

On Saturday morning, my boyfriend and I went to breakfast at a local Mt. Holly spot called Rita’s Family Restaurant. We’d never been before, so we thought we’d try it out. We had a tasty breakfast and went to the register to pay for our meal. That’s when we realized the restaurant only accepted cash or check. D’OH!  Our bad! We only had a debit card.

I stayed at the restaurant while my boyfriend went to find an ATM machine. I didn’t want the cashier to think we wouldn’t come back, so I stayed as collateral.  LOL! As I was waiting on my boyfriend to return, the cashier came up to me and told me that someone paid for our breakfast. I was totally stunned! I asked her who paid for our meal, and she just said that the check was taken care of.

My boyfriend came back to the restaurant and I told him what happened. He asked me who paid for our check, and I told him I didn’t know. That’s when a man waiting on a to-go order said he paid for our meal. We both thanked him for his kindness. He said that every time he and his girlfriend eat at the restaurant, a regular customer pays for their meal, so he wanted to pay it forward.

Unreal! I was totally stunned and pleasantly surprised at this random act of kindness.  It made my day! Every day, as I am online doing work, I see so many stories that are horribly sad. It’s depressing! This act of kindness restored my faith in people.

Because of this gentleman’s generosity, I will go through my week looking for an opportunity to help someone else. Thank you to the man that paid for our meal. You gave me more than just a free meal. You gave me a new outlook on my week.