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Photo by Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images

This dude is awesome! I love a person with a great sense of humor! 

James Pyle is a real estate agent in Lansing, Michigan and one of his listings just went viral big time! Pyle is a big fan of Halloween, and he thought it’d be fun to dress up and appear in the listing photos for a house he was selling. Pyle dressed like the killer from the movie “Scream” and appeared in every photo listing for the house.

The film villian, known as Ghostface, can be spotted carving a pumpkin in the kitchen, raking leaves in the backyard and playing with Legos in the living room. He’s also shown in scarier poses, lurking around corners in the basement and bedrooms. Truth told, in the pic below the curtains are WAY scarier than Ghostface!

Pyle says the backdrop of the house and timing of the listing came together to create the perfect opportunity for him to dress up in a scary costume for the photos. Originally Pyle was hoping the home listing would get at least 1000 views. As of right now, it’s already snagged over 20,000 views.

The pictures are too funny! I have no doubt this house will sell quickly. See all of the pictures here.