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Melany Myers

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Photo by Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images

If you have tattoos, are interested in a tattoo or you’re looking into permanent makeup, then the Queen City Tattoo & Arts Festival is for you! It’s happening at the Charlotte Convention Center October 18-October 20. 

I have tattoos and I want more, so this is something I’d love to check out. The event is so much more than tattoos though! There’s live music, contests, 3-D pumpkin carving, face painting, magic acts, balloon animals, and special celebrity guests. I dig that it’s family friendly!

Over 250 tattoo artists will be in attendance this year, and you will see some amazing tattoo work. Just looking at the pictures on the festival’s website left me in awe. There are some stunning visuals on the site. It is unreal what some tattoo artists can do!

Over the last few years, permanent makeup has become extremely popular. I’ve never looked into it, but I know folks who have. If you have thought about any type of permanent makeup, like eyebrows or eye liner, you’ll be able to find out more at this event. There will be consultations for lip blushing, brow mapping, laser treatments and other procedures.

I know of a tattoo artist here in Charlotte that often does tattoos for women who have suffered through breast cancer. I’ve seen her cover up scars with gorgeous tattoos. Very cool thing!

Last year, Phil and I met a young lady suffering from Sickle Cell Anemia at Levine Children’s Hospital. Her name was Diamond. When she explained the disease to Phil and I, she described her blood cells to us. She said that because of her disease, her blood cells looked like a crescent moon. After speaking with this young girl for a bit, she touched my heart. I made a “pinky promise” to this young lady that I would get a tattoo of a half moon so that I could always remember her. I wanted her to draw the moon, but that didn’t happen.

My plan is to still get a half moon tattoo in honor of Diamond. I have some ideas, I just haven’t made it happen yet! Maybe this festival will be the place for me to get it done. I mean, I made a “pinky promise” to Diamond. She may not remember it, and if she does, she may not think about it often, but I do. All of my tattoos have a special meaning to me, and this one will be no different.

If you’re interested in checking out the festival, all the details on tickets, tattoo artists, and more can be found here.