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Melany Myers

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Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images

You wanna talk about cool Halloween costumes?! This woman needs a trophy for what she makes every year for her sons! Stephanie Pokorny and her family are huge Halloween fans, and she makes costumes for her sons that you won’t see anywhere else.

Each year, Pokorny freehand crochets full-body Halloween costumes with no actual crochet patterns for her boys. They are AMAZING! She says that the costumes are inspired by classic 80’s movies or by what is popular that particular year.  Luckily, the family lives somewhere where it’s cold, other wise the kids would be sweatin’!

When I saw these costumes, I was truly stunned. What she creates is truly astounding! There’s a full body crochet Predator costume, a Smurf, a Skelator costume, a Pennywise costume and others. The detail will blow your mind. I’ve never seen anything like these! There’s no question that her kids score mad amounts of candy on Halloween.

Here’s the monster from the movie “Alien”  WOW!

See more of her creations here. This family is WINNING at Halloween!