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Photo by Mark Evans/Getty Images

WHEW! Warning ladies, if you scroll through these pictures at work, we are not responsible for your thirst! Again this year, the firefighters of Australia are delighting us with their charity calendars. And again this year, the firefighters are shirtless, hot, and are holding adorable animals. Yay!

There are six new calendars for 2020, and five of these calendars feature all sorts of animals: from cute kittens and puppies to horses, farm animals, and wildlife. Not only can you make your eyeballs and heart happy, you can look at this calendar and feel good about yourself since the proceeds are for charity! Score!

These would make a great stocking stuffer or gift. I know I would be thankful if I received one of this this holiday season. Talk about festive!

See photos and get all the details on the calendar here.