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Being a huge Carolina Panther fan and a Cam Newton fan, I have been perplexed at the events of this season. I’ve always loved to watch Cam play when he’s able to be himself, athletically. Do I care for all the “showboating”? I Do Not. I wish he wouldn’t do that, wish he hadn’t DONE that in the past. When you appear cocky and back it up, that’s one thing. When you act cocky and signal first downs and “Superman Flex” as you’re losing, people don’t accept it as well. I wish he hadn’t painted himself into that corner.

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As a result, his detractors aren’t pulling for him to return. I am.  No question that Cam has been playing hurt for several seasons. Ever wonder if he’d been allowed to heal completely before coming back last time, if our fandom would be any different? I do. The 2 time shoulder injury, the now 2nd or 3rd time foot injury explains only some of what’s ailing Cam and plaguing the Panthers. I believe that the injuries that keep Cam from being Cam are messing with his head and his self confidence. I also believe that his decision to become vegan has made an impact on the entire package as well. Nothing against veganism. Good for anyone who wants that lifestyle, but when Cam played the first two games of the season, he didn’t even look the same. He didn’t look at all “menacing” on the field as he has in seasons past. I wonder if nutritionally, veganism is a good choice for a pro athlete? I don’t have the answer, I only pose the question.

Here’s the part that really get’s me about this entire situation? Where in the world IS Cam Newton? Many starting QB’s are injured and out this season. Drew Brees, Nick Foles, Ben Roethlisberger… and yet there they are, week after week, on the sidelines supporting their team mates, coaching their backups, being visible. Where in the world IS Cam Newton? Each week we hear that “Cam Newton is not traveling with the team to….anywhere?”

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I don’t care if he dresses weird. I grew up watching Joe Namath play for The Jets who wore white floor length fur coats and no one was cockier than “Broadway Joe”. People who don’t like Cam will make their hate about anything they can find. We’re talking about an athlete that has put up some incredible stats in the NFL since coming into the league since he arrived and our team has him. I’d love to have him back to his old, healthy, fearless self. I believe all we’re dealing with now, got its start in Super Bowl 50. He was the league MVP and couldn’t win the trophy. In my view, he hasn’t been the same since.

Asking where Cam is is not intended to take anything away from the amazing job that Kyle Allen has done and is doing for this team. He’s playing with confidence and has great weapons around him. It was not too long ago that another backup by the name of Nick Foles led his team to a championship, so please don’t think it can’t be done. Cam’s absence completely from the sidelines while he heals is a giant red flag for me. I wish him whatever he needs to get well again. I wish that for him whether he returns to the Panthers or moves on to his next challenge. I will end with this. Who wants a healthy, physically strong and mentally confident Cam Newton on any team we have to play in the future? Go Panthers! Get revenge on the Bucs in London this Sunday. I’ll be cheering you on while eating my morning cereal!