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John Sullivan/Pexels

If you’ve ever stood on a soccer field stamping your feet for warmth, or sat shivering on frigid metal bleachers at a football game, there’s a better way to cheer your kids on. Chaheati sells heated folding chairs for all those chilly games, tailgate parties, or camping trips when you wish you had one.

The Chaheati chairs look like regular camp chairs, including the standard dual cup holders, but they also come equipped with three different temperature settings: 100, 113, or 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Those temperatures correspond with approximately seven, four, or two hours of toasty comfort, respectively.

These portable thrones come with their own carrying case and weigh only 12 pounds, so they’re easy to carry from your car to the field. But wait, there’s more! The battery that heats your seat includes a USB port to charge your phone.

The Chaheati Original Heated Chair costs $109.99. However, for just $10 more, the Chaheati Maxx heats over twice the surface area than the original model.