Thanksgiving Traditions with K104.7

Thanksgiving stuffing recipes are like BBQ, there are so many types of stuffing, from cornbread to bread croutons. One of my favorite dishes at the Thanksgiving table is the stuffing, the variety of flavors and textures makes it a real treat. I start with bread cubes, to keep it easy I simply buy a bag of stuffing mix and then add a twist to it.

Along with the stuffing mix, I use hot and sage sausage, onions mushrooms and celery. The day before you cook the turkey, place the stuffing mix in a bowl and set aside, dice the vegetables and brown all the sausage in a pan breaking it up into small chunks as it browns. Once cooked, add the sausage to the bread crumbs. In the same pan, cook your vegetables until soft and translucent. Once they are cooked down and them to your bread and sausage bowl. Mix well and moisten with chicken stock, then place back in the fridge.

The morning you cook your bird you can stuff it before it goes in the oven, be sure to fill in the neck cavity as well. I have found I often have stuffing left over, this can go in a baking dish and be placed in the oven to cook after you have taken the turkey from the oven. If you want more depth of flavor to your stuffing, you can brown the mushrooms and onions separately. I use portobello mushrooms since they have a rich beefy flavor when they are browned, but feel free to use any type you like. At some point, I must share how I add smoked oysters in my Thanksgiving stuffing. Yum!

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