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Melany Myers

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Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

They say you should “fake it til you make it” but this young college student in Atlanta decided to “post it” til he made it! 

Gursimran Singh, a second-year computer science student at Georgia Tech, lives directly across from the offices of the Fortune 500 tech company NCR in Atlanta. He decided to get crafty with some Post It Notes to get the company’s attention. Singh spelled out “HIRE ME” across the windows of his apartment using the sticky notes.

The next day, a friend knocked on Singh’s door and told him to look out his window. He was shocked to see that somebody in the NCR building had written, “EMAIL?” across their window in their own sticky note message.

The conversation continued and eventually, Singh received an internship with NCR.  Very cool! Gotta love his thought process. See the notes in the video below and read more here.

I have a feeling this young man is going to be quite successful!