Thanksgiving Traditions with K104.7

November is here and that means I want to cook two things: soup and stuffing. I LOVE both, and it’s the time of the year for yummy recipes.

I have a go-to stuffing recipe that I make every year. SO good! I like it so much that I will eat it cold! I made some last weekend, but bought the wrong kind of stuffing bread crumbs, and my recipe did not come out as tasty as it usually does. Wrong consistency, and it just wasn’t as good as it usually is.

Thanksgiving isn’t too far off, and I’m not sure where I will celebrate this year. Some years I just like to stay in my pj’s and cook at home. Stuffing is my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal, so I’m always on the look out for some tasty new recipes.

I’m not a huge fan of sweet stuffing. I’m usually more of a savory stuffing chick. There are 34 Easy Stuffing Recipes that can be found here, and some of them look tasty!

The caramelized onion and rye stuffing sounds yummy! The recipe for the sourdough mushroom stuffing sounds awesome too! If you’re looking for a few new ways to rock out stuffing this Thanksgiving, check out the recipes. I may need to whip up some this weekend….for tasting purposes of course! 🙂