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Have you started making Thanksgiving plans with your family yet? The texts are flying between my wife and my in-laws already. Who’s hosting this year? How many people are coming for dinner? Who’s going to bring what? Those are the burning questions all across America this month.

Most households will have at least one more question, and chances are it will be an online search for a recipe. “How do you make _______?”

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Google reports the most-searched recipe in most states is a¬†roasted turkey. It’s the #1 culinary challenge in nine states. It would have been ten but Kentucky appears to be more interested in deep-fried turkey. When it comes to desserts, pumpkin pie and brownies are the most popular, searched by fifteen states each.

For the record, North Carolina’s top recipe searches are for sweet potato casserole and sweet potato pie. In South Carolina, the winners are dressing/stuffing and sweet potato pie. And to all the folks in Georgia who are wondering how to prepare a honey baked ham, here’s how you do it: Go to the Honey Baked Ham store. You’re not going to make one better than them.

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