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When I first saw this list, I had NO idea that I’d spend over 30 minutes perusing the sites mentioned. Just so you know, I have thoroughly explored the websites of all these business, and I now want numerous pies and breads! 

Thanksgiving can be stressful sometimes. Dealing with family isn’t always easy, but amazing food can definitely help! My parents have been divorced since I was a kid. They get along very well, but I don’t always get to see them both for holidays. Last year I spent Thanksgiving with my Dad. This year, truth told, I think I may just have a little Thanksgiving at home so I can be lazy.

If you are planning to have a quiet Thanksgiving, or if you’re having lots of family over, these sites can help you cut back on your cooking time. Heck, a few of these sites will hook you up with a complete Thanksgiving meal so you can avoid the kitchen all together!

After looking at the Zingerman’s Bakehouse website, I’ve already spent lots of loot on breads! YUM! Although my waistline says nooooooo, my belly always says yes to tasty, fresh baked bread. Pies are a must for Thanksgiving. and the Grand Taverse Pie Company has some tasty offerings. Blueberry pie is my all time favorite.

If you don’t feel like making the entire Thanksgiving feast, or if you’re like me and may just take a break from the kitchen, there are some great places to order your food from. I’d place the order soon though…you don’t wanna miss out! Check out the sites here. Happy eating!