Seems as if North Carolina is first in flight again thanks to this new delivery service!

“This could be a life-changing event, especially for the elderly or sick people who cannot leave their home to pick up a prescription from the store,” said Bala Ganesh, vice president of UPS’ Advanced Technology Group.

UPS and CVS teamed up to deliver the prescriptions. They were packed up by a pharmacist at a Cary, NC CVS then were picked up by a drone operator before being sent upward. Here’s how it worked: the drone hovered 20 feet over a Cary home before lowering the package by a cable to the ground. How cool?! A second delivery went through the same sequence to get a prescription to a local assisted living facility.

But there is an area of concern for some. According to WRAL, Tad Clodfelter, president and chief executive of SouthLight, which provides addiction treatment services, said there’s an opportunity for misuse any time a prescription is not passed hand to hand.

While the collaboration between UPS and CVS is just taking off, Ganesh said he expects more drone flights in the future!