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Everyone knows that I reside in Concord and have my entire life, except for my time at ECU! “Go Pirates”.

This past Tuesday, around the country, there were many races & referendums to be decided, but I’ll bet none more “bizarre” than in my hometown. Why do small towns in the south have some of the craziest, most ridiculous laws that stay on the books year after year? (Concord is not so small anymore)

This past Tuesday 11/5, one of those crazy such situations was rectified. Thank Goodness.

Previously in Concord, N.C., home to numerous breweries and winery tasting rooms, an odd discrepancy was on the books.

Visitors to any of the breweries who maybe weren’t beer drinkers could choose a glass of wine. Maybe you’re asking why would you go a brewery if you don’t like beer? Many attend with friends and like the atmosphere, but perhaps don’t care for beer, so they choose wine and a night out with friends ensues.

However, visitors to several winery tasting rooms in Concord, on the other hand, didn’t have that same option of purchasing a beer? What? So let me get this straight, a brewery could sell wine, but a winery can’t sell brew? Like many of the laws in this state governing sales of alcohol, this one leaves me speechless. Finally, a referendum made it to the ballot and voters had the chance to change this ridiculous law. They did….. Moreover, where did it come from in the first place? I wonder.

Now, maybe we can change the law, that will allow Concord residents to have a glass (plastic cup) of wine or a red solo cup of beer while they enjoy an “Art Walk” or outside concert? Apparently I can only drink alcohol at an outside table in downtown Concord if I’m “sitting” at a table. The moment I stand, I am apparently breaking the law? I guess if I’m sitting, it’s harder to be “fall down drunk”? Can things get more ridiculous. Clearly it must be the non-drinkers that are responsible for these crazy “blue laws”. Drink up!

Thanks Goodness there’s Virginia….enjoy this from Drunk Regulatory History!