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Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images

I realize that Build-A-Bear is for kids, but I’m not gonna lie, I wanna go this year! Build-A-Bear is tapping into that holiday movie nostalgia with some festive furry versions of two classic characters. 

Two 80’s movies that most of us know are “Christmas Vacation” and “A Christmas Story” and now Build-A-Bear is giving us a Cousin Eddie Bear and a Ralphie Bear. Yup!

Both bears are around $50. Not too bad! The “Cousin Eddie” bear can be seen below. The robe is CLASSIC! Ralphie of course has on a “pink nightmare” and wears glasses.

There’s also “Frozen” inspired bears and a Grinch bear this year.

Take my money Build-A-Bear, just take it!  More on the 80’s themed bears here. And as “Uncle Eddie” says…………Murry Christmas!