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So you want to be Santa Claus. Well, there’s a lot more to it than the hat and the suit. You have to know how to act and speak like Santa. You have to know when to invoke the name of Mrs. Claus. You have to know why you never put mustard on a sandwich. And you have to be prepared to handle any situation in such a way that you never stop being jolly ol’ St. Nick. Fortunately, you can go to school for that.

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Based in Colorado, Santa University is run by Noerr Programs, an events company that trains and places Kris Kringles in more than 278 major malls and shopping centers across the country, including many in the Charlotte area. Graduates say it takes real dedication to spread Christmas cheer like a true professional. It also takes a real beard. That’s one of the requirements for admission into Santa University. However, a big belly is not. That’s what padding is for.

Santa University isn’t your only option. Other training programs include the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School and School4Santas, which is also known as the “International University of Santa Claus.”

Think you have what it takes to put on the red and white? You might want to start by reading some secrets of the trade and watching the video below.