Thanksgiving Traditions with K104.7

How many times have you set the Thanksgiving table with a dressy tablecloth and you’re ready to say your blessing and you forgot the cranberry sauce sitting in the fridge? 

It’s true, one of the most overlooked items on the Thanksgiving table is cranberry sauce. Often individuals will by a can of sauce, put it on a dish and call it good. While there is nothing wrong with this, in fact, many people greatly enjoy canned cranberry sauce, you are missing an opportunity to bring a bit of pizzazz to your meal, and it couldn’t be any more simple to make.

Grab a bag of fresh cranberries and the recipe is on the back. Usually, its water sugar and cranberries, boil until the berries pop and the sauce thickens. While this makes a delicious sauce, there are a ton of ways to add a pop of flavor. Consider replacing the water with orange juice or apple juice. This will add a depth of flavor that many aren’t expecting. If you use apple juice, dice up a couple of apples and add them in after cooking, this will add taste and crunch. If you use orange juice, be sure to add some orange zest as well. This will really brighten the dish and cut down on the tart flavor cranberries naturally have. If you are feeling even more adventurous, toss in a cinnamon stick, maybe a little nutmeg or star anise, all great and easy ways to add great flavors.

However you chose to make it, cranberry sauce can be made ahead of time so its less to do on the big days. I always make a double batch so I have some for the table and I also like to put out some appetizers before the meal. I have found that a dollop of brie cheese on a buttery cracker topped with a spoonful of cranberry sauce is always a big hit. Happy Eating!!!


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