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If you’re hoping to still find cheap airfares for holiday travel, you might want to look at JetBlue. In an attempt to compete with Frontier, Allegiant and other low-cost carriers, JetBlue has become the latest airline to offer up a basic fare.

Their new Blue Basic economy price will get you to your destination for less money but you’ll also have fewer perks. For example, you’ll get seating assignments no earlier than 24 hours before your flight and changes are not permitted. Blue Basic customers will also board the plane last, but JetBlue will still let you haveĀ a free carry-on bag. This actually doesn’t sound too bad.

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I’ve flown on Frontier Airlines out of Charlotte a couple of times. Yes, the service was stripped down and they often have delays. But it was a lot cheaper than the other flights and I made it to my destinations safely.

I probably wouldn’t fly with a no-frills airline for anything longer than a three hour flight. However, if you can put up with the equivalent of a Greyhound bus in the sky for an hour or two, it’s worth it to shop the low-cost options.

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